A Formal Apology, performance, 5 min., Central Park, 21 October 2017.

Program text: Kelsey Brod as Ivanka Trump delivers "A Formal Apology", a five-minute speech acknowledging Trump's propagation of an exclusionary, dangerous feminism. Most of the speech appropriates from bell hooks' essay Dig Deep: Beyond Lean In, a response to Sheryl Sandberg's corporate feminism. This mashup parallels Ivanka Trump's recent book "Women who Work" with Sheryl Sandberg's 2013 book "Lean In," demonstrating the dangerous influence of a patriarchal, reframed feminism (by the ostensible left) on Trump's own curated feminism. Performing as someone in-between herself and Trump, Brod acknowledges her own embodiment's relationship to Ivanka Trump and white feminism.

Performance for Rachel Owen's LIFE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF A CRACKED GLASS CEILING, part of "It's Happening! 50 Years of Art in the Parks," also with performances from Maureen Connor, Nathalie Encarnacion, Mira Schor, Christopher Jiles, and Lachell Workman.